Ape artists!

We’re going ape for the amazing artwork our chimps have painted to mark DZG’s Ape Awareness Day today.

Brushstokes by Banika and Binti and masterpieces by Mali and Mandy have been printed and made into key rings to create unusual souvenirs which are being sold in aid of an ape conservation charity.

The key fobs, which show the artwork on one side and a photo of the ape artist on the other, are available on two information stands on site to raise funds for the Center for Great Apes.

Senior Primate Keeper Jodie Dryden said: “Our chimps held the brushes and had a good go at painting, but it did get a bit messy.

“Binti didn’t like it when the paint touched her feet and Banika kept trying to eat it.”

April is Ape Awareness Month and we’ve chosen today to highlight the plight apes face in the wild. Our keepers have also made fact sheets about our own incredible apes.

Throughout the day, Primate Keepers and our Conservation Officer Chris Leeson will be talking to visitors about these threats, including habitat destruction to make way for palm oil plantations.

Chris said: “Palm oil is found in around half the products in supermarkets but by choosing to go palm oil free or opting for sustainably sourced products, we can protect the habitats of wild cousins of our Bornean orangs.”

Our information stands are located in the chimp indoor viewing area and the Rainforest Room and each one has a hamper up for grabs containing a range of palm oil free Easter treats, a family pass kindly donated by Go Ape! high ropes attraction and a cuddly ape.

Have an ace Ape Day at Dudley Zoo!