Anyone for tennis?

Our otters and meerkats had an ace time when Keepers got into the Wimbledon spirit.

webwimbledon3   webwimbledon3

Senior Keeper Jodie Dryden brought in tennis balls to see if anyone was up for a knock-about just before the Championships at the All England Club draw to a close tomorrow.

And our otters Buddy and Keyah, pictured above, were definitely game!

Jodie said: “We lobbed a few balls into the water and the otters went mad for them.

“They are great at juggling anyway and had such fun moving the balls about in the water and making them pop up.”

webwimbledon3   webwimbledon3

Our 19 meerkats, pictured above, in the Tecton enclosure also had a ball – but their balls contained a secreted snack.

Jodie added: “We made holes in the balls we gave to the meerkats and filled them with a tasty treat. As they knocked the balls around it released mealworms which are their favourite.”

Hard lines yesterday, Andy!