Antonia tickles a tapir!

Eight-year-old Antonia Chung had a great time when she became a Little Zoo Keeper for the Day.

Antonia spent time giving the Brazilian tapirs a tickle, as well as feeding our mob of meerkats live wriggling mealworms and buckets of sprats to Humboldt penguins.

She even found time to help muck out some of the animals down on the farm.


Antonia, from Sheffield, said: “I really enjoyed myself at DZG and would love to go again. My highlights of the day were feeding the penguins fish, because they got so close to me. I enjoyed feeding the meerkats as well because they were inquisitive.”

Antonia’s mum, Mei, said: “We had a really good time. Antonia normally gets shy with people she has not met before but the keepers made her extremely comfortable and enjoyable.

“She is also afraid of little insects, so to get close-up and in contact with them when feeding the meerkats was extremely brave I thought!”

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