Gulo Gulo

IUCN Red List status: Least Concern

For more info on classifications, visit www.iucnredlist.org

Least Concern


Where they live

Northern USA, Canada, Europe and Asia


Snowy wooded forests, grassland, scrubland, rocky areas and tundra


32-46 inches long including their tail


Between 9-25 kg


7-12 years

Did you know...

  • Often called a ‘skunk bear’ due to their foul smell and bear-like features
  • Is the largest, and most the fearsome, member of the mustelidae family making them related to weasels, polecats and badgers
  • Wolverines can smell 20 feet down into the snow to locate food

More about wolverines...

Wolverines are powerful, fierce creatures that live in remote and rugged mountain terrain across North America and Eurasia. Although they are often called ‘skunk bears’ due to their foul smell and bear-like features they are actually the largest member of the weasel family (Mustelidae).

Wolverines are great climbers and can often be seen resting in trees. They will use this advantage point to pounce on prey, often falling from great heights. They are opportunistic feeders that will eat just about anything, often scavenging on the prey of other animals like grizzly bears. Their strong jaws can crush and eat large bones, however they also eat fruit and roots. If a wolverine has a large kill they will bury the carcass in the snow to preserve the meat and keep it for later.

Although predominately a solitary species, these animals usually come together between February and March to mate. Wolverines have between one and five young at a time. Young are born with white fur and will stay with their mother until they reach two years old.

Although they are not currently an endangered species, the number of wolverines found in the wild is declining. This population decline is seen near human settlements as they are killed for sport and their fur.

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