Turtle (Coahuilan Box)

Terrapene coahuila

IUCN Red List status: Endangered

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Where they live

Northern Mexico


Restricted to one small area of marshland


Up to 16cm long


Approximately 536g


8-9 years in the wild; 17-18 years in captivity


Habitat loss due to land drainage and urbanisation, illegal pet trade

Did you know...

  • They spend roughly 90% of their time underwater
  • Is only found in the Cuatro Ciénegas Basin in Coahuila, Mexico
  • They continue to grow throughout their life, but males grow faster than females

More about Coahuilan box turtles...

The Coahuilan box turtle is a small aquatic species of box turtle which lives in permanent and seasonal ponds and wetlands in Mexico. It is mostly omnivorous, mainly feeding on plants and insects. When not foraging, it buries itself in the mud of nearby water bodies to hide or keep their body temperature stable.

The predators of the Coahuilan box turtle include racoons and copperhead snakes. Copperheads will swallow the turtle eggs whole if they find them. In order to protect themselves, these turtles have a hard and dull shell that they are able to retreat into if they feel threatened. The dark colourings help them to blend in with the mud and logs

Coahuilan box turtles have a mating season that spans from September to June, with most mating occurring in spring. Females lay a clutch of between 2 to 3 eggs between May and September, but can produce up to three clutches a year. Once the eggs are laid, females leave the nest sites. New born Coahuilan box turtles are fully independent.

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