Teal (Ringed) / Callonetta leucophrys

Did you know...

The ringed teal is one of the world’s smallest ducks Ringed teal are puddle ducks or dabblers The ringed teal has long toes with strong, pointed claws; this adaptation allows them to sit and nest in trees

The ringed teal is a member of the wood duck group and is found in swampy tropical forests, marshy clearings in well-wooded lowlands, secluded pools and small streams. It nests in tree holes and cavities.

By habit the ringed teal is a surface-feeding, or dabbling, duck which feeds on submerged bottom plants by up-ending. After feeding in this manner the teal flap their wings vigorously to shake out any water which has become lodged in the plumage.

Ringed teal lay their eggs in nests in tree cavities which they line with down. They lay clutches of 6-12 eggs which are incubated by both parents. They hatch after about 29 days and the chicks are precocial (well developed ) at hatching.

Once the ducklings have hatched the adults leave the nest and the young soon follow, sometimes making the leap from a great height. The young can feed independently at this stage and can fly some 50-55 days after hatching.