Teal (Marbled) / Marmaronetta angustirostris

Did you know...

They are protected by law in many countries throughout their range. It used to be included among the dabbling ducks, but is now classed as a diving duck

The Marbled teal or Marbled duck is a medium-sized duck so called because of its pale sandy-brown colour, which is diffusely blotched off-white.

They are gregarious birds, even when nesting. Outside the breeding season flocks are often small, although large wintering flocks have been reported in some areas. The largest winter concentration known is in Iraq and Iran.

These birds feed mainly in shallow water by dabbling or up-ending, occasionally diving. Little is known of their diet although they are thought to feed on small seeds and aquatic invertebrates, dabbling and filtering mud during the early morning and evening, but resting during the day.

Before moving from the wintering grounds to the spring breeding grounds, pairs form strong seasonal pair bonds that lasting until incubation. The female incubates between 4 and 12 eggs, in a shallow depression concealed by reeds, and lined with grass and down. At this time the male deserts the female. After 25 to 27 days the eggs hatch, and the hatchlings are cared for by the female until they fledge 55 days later.