Owl (Snowy)

Bubo scandiacus

IUCN Red List status: Not Evaluated

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Not Evaluated


Where they live

during the winter they remain in the Arctic unless their food sources are scarce. If they do leave the will overwinter in northern Greenland, the Canadian islands, northern Eurasia, Wrangel Island as well as North America


the Snowy owl is a bird of Arctic tundra or open grasslands and fields. During southward movements they appear along lakeshores, marine coastlines, marshes, and even roost on buildings in cities and towns


length 51-68.5cm, wingspan 137-164cm





numbers vary dependent on prey availability

More about snowy owls...

Snowy owls lead an essentially nomadic lifestyle in the Arctic regions and can only be claimed as a UK owl because of birds that bred on Fetlar, in the Shetland Isles, from 1967 to 1975. They are usually found perched on the ground or rock, occasionally in trees, and can survive low temperatures.

In the wild they feed on lemmings, rabbits and other small mammals. They are active during the daytime and hunt from a perch, the ground or the air. They approach prey with a long low glide and can take prey from under snow.

Females will lay around six eggs a year.

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