Monkey (Goeldi’s) / Callimico goeldii

Did you know...

Goeldi’s monkeys are capable of horizontally jumping a whopping 4m, the equivalent of an average sized man jumping 24m!

The species was discovered in 1904 and named after Émil August Goeldi, a Swiss/Brazilian naturalist

This small primate is found in the tropical forest of Columbia. Bolivia, Brazil and Peru where it lives in extended family groups of between four and 10 individuals, made up of a breeding pair and their offspring. They move through the forest searching for fruit, but also coming to the ground to forage for insects or small vertebrates to eat.

They use their ability to leap long distances to move through the forest, usually about 3m above the ground. Long limbs help them climb and hang in trees while their tail serves for balance.

They are normally day active retiring to a tree hole sleep at night with the rest of their family group. They communicate by scents produced by several sets of scent glands and by the varied calls, chirps, clucks and screams which are made as they keep in touch when feeding or when danger threatens.

Only the dominant female of the group gives birth to a single infant after a gestation of 155 days. She takes care of the young on her own for the first 20 days after which the male and older siblings take turns carrying it. The youngster is weaned at 65 days.