Mongoose (yellow) / Cynictis penicillata

Did you know...

A yellow mongoose can crack a birdÂ’s egg by rolling it next to a rock and then throwing the egg between its legs so the egg will hit the rock

The yellow mongoose is a sociable animal, living in groups ranging from a breeding pair to extended family of up to 20 individuals. They live in a permanent burrow system which may be shared with species such as meerkats and ground squirrels.

They are diurnal, sleeping in dens at night and venturing out in the morning to sunbathe outside their burrows, warming their bodies before searching for food.

Every day, the breeding male in the group will mark group members with anal gland secretions, and his boundaries with facial and anal secretions, as well as urine. He also rubs his back against raised objects, leaving behind hair as a visual marker of the groups territory. Other members of the group mark their dens with cheek secretions.

They are carnivorous and their natural diet consists mostly of invertebrates, particularly insects. They also occasionally take small reptiles, birds, eggs, and rodents.

In the wild they have a main breeding season between July and September. Up to five young are born in a specially-prepared den and are weaned at 10 weeks, reaching adult size within 10 months.