Macaw (Blue and gold)

Ara ararauna

IUCN Red List status: Least Concern

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Least Concern


Where they live

South America


Forest and woodland


90 cm


1.2 kg


60 years in the wild, up to 100 years in zoos


Illegal wildlife trade

Did you know...

  • They have a similar lifespan to that of a human
  • They have the ability to mimic human speech
  • Macaws mate for life

More about blue and gold macaws...

The blue and gold macaw is a large South American parrot with mostly blue top parts and yellow underparts. Macaws are a large group of neotropical parrots. There are more than 350 parrot species, but macaws are the largest of them all.

They are herbivorous, eating mainly nuts, fruits and seeds. Their tongues are scaly and dry and don’t look anything like ours, they even have a bone in them which is used for tapping into fruits. They have extremely strong beaks which are capable of cracking open coconuts. Their bite force is comparable to that of a lion.

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