Leaf cutter ants

Atta cephalotes

IUCN Red List status: Not Evaluated

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Not Evaluated


Where they live

Central and South America



0.08 - 0.55", Queen is 0.87"



More about Leaf cutter ants...

Leaf cutter ants are so called because they have sharp jaws that they use to cut leaves into tiny pieces.

They carry the leaf parts back to their nests where the pieces decay. Fungus grows in the decaying leaves, and the ants eat this fungus.

The fungus they cultivate on their leaf clippings can only be found in their colonies and nowhere else.

The nests can house thousands of ants and has many tunnels and chambers.  More than 1,000,000 ants may live in each nest.

Leaf cutter ants can easily be spotted by the long lines they create as they carry their leafy supplies. These lines can be up to 30 metres long!

All ants have different things to do in the nest, whether they are workers (who collect the leaves), guards, soldiers or reproducers.

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