Flamingo (Chilean)

Phoenicopterus chilensis

IUCN Red List status: Near Threatened

For more info on classifications, visit www.iucnredlist.org

Near Threatened


Where they live

South America, from Chile to Argentina


Wetlands, mudflats, lagoons






Up to 50 years in the wild


Human disturbance, habitat modification

Did you know...

  • The Chilean flamingo is slightly smaller than the Caribbean flamingo
  • One of only six species of flamingo
  • They are pink in colour due to their diet being high in beta-carotene from eating crustaceans and plankton

More about Flamingos...

Flamingos are gregarious wading birds that are easily recognisable by their striking pink plumage and odd-shaped bills. Their beak is shaped in a way so that they can filter feed in the water. They hold I upside down to filter out the small bits of food in the water. Flamingos eat microscopic blue0green algae and invertebrates that in alkaline salt and soda lakes.

They communicate through a variety of sounds similar to geese; with loud honking grunting and gabbling. During courtship they will show displays of exaggerated preening, stretching and paired head movements to indicate they are ready to mate. Pairs stay together for life.

Chilean flamingos have been subject to intensive egg-harvesting by people since humans arrives in South America. In recent years, egg-collectors are thought to have been responsible for the partial or complete failure of colonies in Bolivia. Mining and removing water from areas for irrigation are also negatively impacting wild populations.

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