Partridge (Collared Hill)

Arborophila gingica

IUCN Red List status: Near Threatened

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Near Threatened


Where they live

Found across Asia, from the Himalayas to North Vietnam


Tropical or subtropical lowlands and montane forests.






8-10 years old


Habitat loss, hunted by humans

Did you know...

  • Also known as the ‘white-necklace partridge’ and ‘Rickett’s hill-partridge’
  • They make small ball shaped nests of grasses and leaves

More about partridges...

The collared hill partridge is found in the undergrowth during the day and at night they roost in trees. They a have diet of small insects, berries and seeds. The territorial call is a repeated whistle that are mostly heard in the early morning and evening. Breeding season ranges from April to May, after which a female will lay a clutch of five to seven eggs.

This species is threatened mainly due to the continuing loss and fragmentation of its habitat, as a result of the demands for agricultural land and timber.

How you can help...