Animal enrichment

Three DZ keepers have joined forces to establish a committee aimed at enriching the lives of our animals.


Adam Wrench, Sian-Leigh Simner and Jess Jones – pictured above – meet once a month to devise and construct enrichment activities for the site’s animals.

Senior Keeper Adam Wrench, said: “By setting up this committee we’re aiming to provide more and varied enrichment for the animals, which we’ll rate and review.

“We also want to create an informative portfolio, which will be particularly useful for junior members of staff who will be able to access the folder and see what we’ve done for certain species in the past and if it proved successful or not.”

enrichment_committeeEnrichment within a zoo environment is hugely beneficial for animal welfare by stimulating and encouraging natural behaviours.

The committee, who will build the activities themselves, are also contacting companies who can help by donating items such as hessian sacks or hanging baskets – and if there’s any company that thinks they can help us, then please get in touch!


We’ve also updated the zoo’s Amazon wishlist too, which was set up last year for generous supporters to help us care for some of the world’s most endangered animals.


Starting from just £1.04 for five alloy spring clips, up to a £225 veterinary animal scale, zoo donors can purchase a practical item online, which will then be delivered direct to us.

Adam added: “Since we launched the the online wishlist we’ve received some great things through the post, which have all been put to great use with the animals.

“We’ve used plastic children’s ball pit balls with the bats, a popcorn maker with the chimps and a pair of extendable tree pruners are proving to be a great help on the ungulate section.

“We’ve now updated the list and tailored it to items we’d like to use for certain enrichment activities for particular species and would be very grateful for any purchases. 

“We’re especially keen to use kongs and climbing rocks for primates, plastic mirrors for birds and boomer balls for the big cats.”

enrichment_committeeTo view the list