And then there were 11!

Our gelada troop continues to grow with the arrival of another baby!

The youngster was born last Thursday, October 17, to 12 year-old mum, Addis and 14 year-old dad, Ebano bringing the troop number to 11!

Senior Keeper Jade Reddall, said: “We have fantastic breeding success with our geladas and all three of our adult females are brilliant, experienced mums.

“This is the third offspring for Addis, who is keeping a very close hold of her newborn at the moment, but from what we can see it’s doing really well.”

Our geladas are part of a European Endangered Species Programme and since 2014 we’ve welcomed juvenile boys, Billie, Ambo, Gimbi, Dendi and seven month-old Jinka,  as well as our only little girl, Kadida.

Thanks to Lauren Bilboe for the new family photo!