An otter-ly great day!

Buddy the otter has had an egg-cellent start to his 11th birthday with a yummy breakfast!


And today is extra special, as it’s his first Father’s Day too!

To celebrate the day, keepers treated the whole Asiatic short-clawed otter family to hard boiled eggs, but whereas Buddy and partner, Keyah, knew exactly what to do – their three babies had to watch and learn!

Trainee Keeper, Josh Luxton, said: “By giving them eggs with the shell still on allowed the otters to use their natural behaviours to smash them open, just like they would have to do with crustaceans with the wild.


“It was great to watch how mum and dad showed the babies what to do. They did try to do it for themselves, but then decided it was easier to pinch the inside out of the eggs that had already been smashed  – luckily Buddy was in a good mood as it was his birthday and Father’s Day, so he just let them get on with it!”

Happy Father’s Day to all those special dads out there from everyone at DZ!

And remember dads get free entry today – make sure you print off THIS VOUCHER to hand in at the zoo entrance. 

Watch the otters in action in the short video below…

World Giraffe Day

And don’t forget you can support World Giraffe Day today by entering a raffle today to win a feed with our three giraffes!

Find out more about the graceful long-legged creatures by speaking to DZ staff, who will be manning information stands by the enclosure throughout the day.