An excellent gift choice

A husband and wife from Shropshire had a fantastic time when they joined team DZG for the day.

Marie Thelwell treated her orang utan-loving husband, Andy, to a keeper for a day experience, so he could meet our great ape group, but when they arrived at the zoo to begin their day Marie upgraded so she could join in the fun too!

andy_thelwell_2_0Andy, from Whitchurch said: “I am struggling to decide which I enjoyed the most other than giving a drink of squash to Sprout and her mum Jazz.

“I was really surprised to be given the chance to feed chunks of beef on a stick to the snow leopards and sprats to the tigers and it was comical to sit stroking the tapirs and capabara.

“We also really enjoyed the birds of prey display and of course feeding the penguins.”

During their day the couple worked alongside DZG’s keepers, meeting animals from across all sections of the site.

Andy added: “I think meeting Sprout was definitely my highlight and Marie said that feeding the tigers and being able to touch them albeit briefly through the wire was hers.

“We did a similar encounter at another zoo a few years back and we never experienced as much as we did at Dudley Zoo.

“You offer a much wider experience with a lot more personal elements.

“The staff we met were all really friendly and very knowledgeable which only enhanced our excellent day.

“All in all it was a fantastic day and an excellent gift choice!”