An adventurous agouti!

Our Azara’s agouti are enjoying a new shelter in their Lorikeet Lookout enclosure.

Keeper Kriss Pearson made the den from logs and plants, giving the five male agoutis another place to explore.

However, one adventurous agouti got more than he bargained for, as he tried to climb one of the exhibit’s tall yucca plants and Kriss caught it on camera!

Kriss said: “They’ve really settled into the enclosure now and we’ve got to know the parts of the exhibit they prefer to be in.

“They were really interested in the den once I finished building it and spent ages investigating it, but one got a bit too adventurous in his explorations!”

Other species in Lorikeet Lookout, which opens daily from 11am, include rainbow lorikeets, roul roul partridges, white throated monitor lizards, koi karp and red-eared terrapins.