Amphibian record

Amphibian experts believe an aquatic salamander has set a UK record at DZG.

DZG-amphibian-col-1-web_0Education staff discovered eggs in the tank of our lesser sirens, a species native to the US which resembles an eel with small front legs.

Presenter Langan Turner said:?”We believe this may be the first recorded breeding of lesser sirens in Britain, so it’s exciting news.

“They originate in the States and have bred there, but we believe it is a first over here.”

He added: “We have transferred approximately 30 eggs to nursery tanks to ensure their parents don’t eat them.

DZG-amphibian-col-1-web_0DZG’s three lesser sirens, Splish, Splash and Falcor, are held in the education block’s Discovery Centre. The eggs are currently being kept in an anti-fungal liquid known as ‘tadpole tea’ made from water and redbush tea.

Langan said: “As this is certainly a first for DZG we will be keeping a close eye on them and recording their progress.”

The lesser siren is a nocturnal amphibian which hides in the mud at the bottom of slow moving water. 

CAPTION: Presenter Langan Turner with one of the lesser sirens based in the Discovery Centre.