Amazing Amazon gifts

We’ve been overwhelmed by our amazing visitors who continue to send us lots and lots of goodies from our Amazon Wish List and use #LoveYourZooWeek to say another big THANK YOU!

You certainly kept the delivery drivers busy during the most recent lockdown – we’d never seen so many parcels arriving on a daily basis!

Curator Richard Brown said: “The Amazon wish list is another great way for people to support the zoo with practical products.

“It seems people like being able to buy something knowing it will go directly to a particular animal or will be incredibly useful for a certain section to maintain and improve the welfare of our exotic and endangered species.

“These items save us a lot of money, which we can then use elsewhere on the zoo or plough into our conservation work.

“We’re really grateful to everyone who has helped us out in this way and it’s lovely to read all the gift messages that are sent with the parcels. On behalf of all the animals and keepers, THANK YOU for thinking of us!”

You can find our list HERE.

Items on our list start at around £3.50 and people can select items which will benefit their favourite animal species, as we include descriptions of what the product would be used for. The items then get posted directly to us here at the zoo, with the address listed as WISH LIST (RACHEL HICKMAN).