Alvin’s New Year weigh-in

Giant English rabbit Alvin has tipped the scales at a healthy weight as part of a New Year weigh-in on the farm.


The four-year-old male bunny weighed just over a stone and was given a clean bill of health during a recent check.

DZG Senior Keeper, Lesley Lewis, said: “Every so often we weigh our eight giant English rabbits as part of a general health check.

“They are all a good weight but can get a lot bigger. The good thing is there is no need for any of them to go on a New Year diet as they are all healthy and get plenty of exercise in the large enclosure here.”

Alvin lives with four females, Teddy Gray, Maisie, The BFG and Sybil while males Bran and Theo lives in another stable.

The eighth giant English rabbit, Otis, likes the quiet life in the barn but enjoys getting out in the enclosure to meet all our visitors.