Allergy awareness

It’s Allergy Awareness Week and here at DZC we’re committed to raising awareness about life-threatening children’s food allergies.

Zoo Keepers Jodie Dryden and Sam Grove, with their son, Jasper.

Inspired by the young son of two of our Zoo Keepers, we designed and installed signage around the children’s play areas across the 40-acre site asking visitors to:

🥪Eat away from children’s play areas.

🗑Dispose of their litter correctly in bins.

👏Wash their hands after eating.

Since the signage was put in place back in summer 2022, we’ve received fantastic feedback from allergen families, who have shared photographs with allergen groups across the country and we’ve even received gold from the BIAZA Awards last year for our campaign.

We’re continuing to call on other attractions across the country, as well as local parks and green spaces with play equipment to install similar signage and we’ve been thrilled to even spot our actual in-house design in-situ at another BIAZA collection!

Today we’re re-sharing our Primate Team Leader, Jodie Dryden’s blog for BIAZA, which is worth a read to find out more about the frequently unconsidered yet life-threatening issue of allergies.

Click HERE to read!