All about anteaters!

Today is World Anteater Day and for our two, Romy and Bubbles, that means piles of fun rooting out treats from their termite mound.

The giant anteater pair will spend the day exploring the artificial termite mound which keepers built to encourage them to use their 2ft-long tongues to get to the food inside.

The two-metre-high mound was constructed using plastic piping and concrete. It contains more than 10 holes of differing heights and angles into which keepers can insert PVC pipes filled with food.

Keeper Josh Luxton said: “Romy and Bubbles haven’t had chance to fully explore the mound since it was added to their enclosure over a year ago and we thought World Anteater Day was the perfect opportunity to introduce them to it.

“We put their favourite snack of natural yogurt inside the tubes and let them discover their treat. Bubbles went straight for the holes at the top while Romy stayed closer to the ground.”

And three-year-old female Romy and one-year-old male Bubbles, who showed off the full length of his tongue, loved every minute of it.

Josh added: “We wanted to encourage their natural behaviour as this is how anteaters would feed in the wild. When it came to finding their own treats, you could say Romy and Bubbles were naturals!”

See Romy and Bubbles in action in our video below.

Happy World Anteater Day both!