All aboard Noah’s Ark!

The animals went in one by one when DZG took a collection of creatures to Noah’s Ark Children’s Centre in Tewkesbury.


Our Head of Birds Kellie Piper took Muffin the chinchilla (pictured below), Ruby the American kestrel and Baldrick the bearded dragon to meet 12 youngsters at the centre.

She also introduced them to cockroaches, a corn snake and a tarantula.

Kellie, whose daughter Megan attends the centre, said: “The outreach went very well and the children and their parents enjoyed the session.

“The centre is looking at having us back for another session around Christmas time as they loved getting so close to our animals.”



Chinchillas can jump up to 1.8m

They are believed to have the softest fur in the world, as much as 30 times softer than human hair

Chinchilla hair is so fine that they sprout 60 hairs from each hair follicle