Adoptions deadline nears

Adoption packages for some of DZG’s rarest animals are proving to be popular presents this Christmas, but Marketing staff are urging late purchasers not to miss Wednesday’s deadline.


DZG Marketing Assistant, Andrea Hales, pictured above, said: “Lots of people will be finding adoption packages for Sumatran tigers, Daseep and Joao, Nanga the snow leopard, our Humboldt penguins and Rothschild giraffes, Kubwa, Mia and Josie under their trees this Christmas, as these animals in particular are proving to be very popular.

“Adoptions make fantastic gifts for all ages, especially for those people who have everything.

“With 200 species on site, there are plenty of animals to choose from and all funds go towards vital wildlife education, conservation and enrichment for some of the rarest creatures in the world.”

Adoption packages last 12 months and start from just £30 and adopters receive a certificate, personalised animal photo, gift card and zoo admission ticket.

For more information about adoption packages CLICK HERE and remember the last posting day for Christmas adoptions is Wednesday, December 18.

And there’s more . . .

How about treating someone to a hands-on Keeper for a Day or Little Zoo Keeper experience, or a close encounter with a favourite DZG animal instead?

From £75 for a child and £145 for an adult, visitors shadow keepers as they go about their daily duties, getting a unique insight into the behind the scenes work of DZG, as well as getting close to some of the world’s rarest animals.

For more information about animal experience packages CLICK HERE.