Adopt Arkwright for Father’s Day

Stuck for a gift for Father’s Day? Why not treat your dad to a special adoption pack for one of DZG’s best penguin parents?

  dzg_dads_day_web   dzg_dads_day_webSixteen-year-old Humboldt penguin, Arkwright, is a brilliant father and simply ace at making sure all his chicks grow up into fine, proud penguins, just like dad.   Penguins share parenting duties, with both males and females taking turns to incubate eggs for 40-42 days.  

Young are fed by their parents on regurgitated fish until they are strong enough to hunt their own food, which usually takes place at around three months of age.

And Arkwright certainly knows his stuff because DZG’s colony is one of the most successful breeding groups in Europe with around 60-plus parent-reared Humboldts in Penguin Bay!

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