Adelaide’s toy snake

DZG’s laughing kookaburra, Adelaide, is benefitting from old stock from the Safari Shop.

DZG_Adelaide Australia

A rubber toy snake is being put through its paces by the ten-year-old Australian bird, as part of the daily Go Wild! Show.

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Presenter Heather John, pictured top, said: “Adelaide demonstrates how kookaburras would catch snakes in the wild and visitors can watch how she grabs it in her beak and repeatedly smacks it down on the ground, which would not only knock the snake unconscious but also breaks up its bones to helps them digest the reptile easier.

“We get through quite a few toy snakes because of this so we were very grateful of the surplus old shop stock.”

The daily 20-minute show runs in the Go Wild! Theatre, adjacent to the Discovery Centre, at 2.15pm and 11.30am on weekends only.

Laughing kookaburras are native to Australia and get their name from the laughing call, which is often heard at dawn.

As well as snakes, their diet consists of mice, frogs, large insects, small birds and lizards.

See Adelaide in action in the short video below…