Abandoned ducklings safe!

Two newborn ducklings are being cared for down on the farm after being found abandoned on site.

dzg_ducklings_webThe tiny pair were spotted by staff wandering around the zoo grounds on their own, with no parents in sight, so were whisked away to the heated pens in the farm barn for some TLC by keepers.

Presenter Becky Iwahashi, pictured with the babies, said: “The ducklings are only a few days old, so it was unusual to see them without their mum and dad, as they wouldn’t normally be left on their own so soon.

“It seems they must have been abandoned and we didn’t want to risk leaving them as they could have been preyed on by rats as they are so small.

“They’re now being well looked after in the barn where they will be kept safe, snug and warm.”