A wheely good idea!


A wheely good idea by primate keepers led to the creation of a sturdy toy for our  seven-strong female group of chimpanzees.

Recycling an old electronic cable wooden reel and a scaffold bar, keepers have constructed the toy in the paddock, with drilled holes providing the perfect hiding place for the girls’ favourite treats.

Lower Primates Section Leader, Nicola Wright, said: “Chimp enrichment needs to be sturdy – the girls are so strong that materials don’t last long once they get their hands on it.

“We’ve concreted the post in and threaded the reel on to scaffold, so that it can spin easily.

“The girls were slightly wary of it at first, but when they realised there was food to be had inside they soon went over to investigate.

“It’s a permanent fixture in their paddock now, so it will be interesting to watch how they react to it over time.”


See the chimps investigate their new toy in the clip below.