A turkey tea for tigers!

Sumatran tigers, Daseep and Joao, tucked into a delicious turkey tea thanks to a generous adopter.

Big cat keepers purchased two extra large fresh turkeys for the big cat duo following a cash donation from zoo member, Christine Clive, who has adopted our eight-year-old feline since her arrival to Dudley from Wuppertal Zoo in 2012 and the treats proved to be lip-smackingly great!

Keeper Cheyenne Darkins, said: “Daseep and Joao loved the turkeys, which we left for them to discover in their individual night dens.

“They spent a good half an hour devouring every little bit of the meat and carcass and nothing was left behind.

“Big cats benefit from feeding on bones occasionally as it’s great for their teeth by helping remove any tartar.”

Grrr-eat big thanks, Christine!