A scent-sational response

More than 100 bottles of perfume and aftershave have been donated for big cat enrichment following our online plea for unwanted Xmas smellies. 


DZG Press Officer, Rachel Hickman, said: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to our appeal. Keepers now have a wide variety to try out on our big cats and it will be interesting to discover any preferences.”

The scents will be used around the enclosures of Sumatran tigers, Asiatic lions, Carpathian lynx and snow leopards – here’s Ungulates Team Leader, Jay Haywood, showing snow leopard, Nanga, some of the donated perfumes.

Rachel added: “Scents will be squirted on to climbing frames and dabbed on scratching posts in cat enclosures to encourage the animals to use their natural instincts to track the smells and we’ll make sure we have cameras at the ready to catch some of their reactions!”

A big thank you to …

Gill Everitt, Ivor Norris, Karen Edwards, Emma Tempest, Justin and Rebecca Bridges and John Long, plus any anonymous donors who dropped off goodies at the shop and offices.