A roarsome day!

It’s going to be a roarsome day on site today as we mark World Lion Day.

Jetpur, aged 13

The spotlight will be on our three Asiatic lions, Jetpur, Kyra and Asha, as DZG joins the global campaign to raise awareness of these stunning big cats.

Kyra, aged 10

Come and watch our trio enjoy some enrichment in Lion Ridge while learning more about their endangered species during a one-off talk at 1.30pm.

Asha, aged 10

And help us raise funds for lion conservation projects, by taking part in our raffle, with a 12-month lion adoption and a luxury Jetpur chenille cushion up for grabs!

Curator Richard Brown, said: “There were once thousands of Asiatic lions proudly prowling the planet from the Middle East to India.

“Now less than 300 survive in the wild and these are restricted to the Gir Forest Wildlife Sanctuary in Western India.

“Lions face a number of threats, mainly by the destruction of their habitat, but they’re also still hunted and killed by poachers too.

“Here at DZG we’re proud to be part of a major international conservation programme for the species and we work hard to highlight the importance of this project, which is vital to the survival of such a magnificent animal. We hope visitors will take time out to learn more and support them today.”

DZG Presenter Heather John will be leading the World Lion Day awareness

Make sure you stop by the one-acre enclosure and discover the threats lions face and ways you can help by taking a look at our information stand and biofact display, which will be manned by staff throughout the day – and don’t forget the special 1.30pm talk!