A rip-roaring hour

Our two Sumatran tigers had a rip-roaring time when they tore apart an enrichment device made by their keeper.

Big Cat Keeper Cheyenne Darkins put smelly giraffe bedding around a block of wood and wrapped it in a woven enrichment toy she made from old fire hose.

And we caught the big cat couple on video using their natural tracking skills to sniff out the scent and running around their enclosure with it.

At one point eight-year-old Daseep sped away with the package while Joao, aged six, chased behind, majestically leaping over the pool.

Cheyenne said: “Daseep tends to take over in all the enrichment activities and Joao gets what is left over. Between them they ripped the hose to shreds in no time but it kept them occupied for a good hour.

“I think next time I’ll have to make it a bit more challenging for them as they soon got inside their yellow parcel.”