A return visit on us!

DZG is offering all our January and February visitors a free return trip to the award-winning attraction – so people can come back and see how much our youngsters have shot up.


ABOVE – Senior Keeper Lesley Lewis has the measure of fast-growing Fergie

Every full paying visitor who comes on site throughout the first two months of 2016 will be given a free return ticket which will be valid until the end of July. People just need to produce their original receipt.

Senior Keeper Lesley Lewis said: “This fantastic offer is a great chance for people to come and see our young camel Fergie and then return to see how much she has grown in six months. 

“She was well over 4ft tall when she was born at the start of October and is close to 5ft already.”

Bactrian camel Fergie was born on October 3 to proud parents mum Jimandi, known as Mandi, and dad Charles.

And other 2015 arrivals growing up fast include our baby otters, our young Sulawesi crested macaque called Summer, pictured below, and the little Carpathian lynx twins, Dante and Dakota.


ABOVE – Summer will be here when people come back for their free return visit! Thanks to regular visitor Karen Edwards for the gorgeous photo

Zoo Director Derek Grove said: “The weather in the early part of the year can be really invigorating, it’s a great time to get out in the fresh air.

“The winter is also an ideal time to visit as the trees are bare so there’s chance to see many of our animals who can sometimes be hidden by foliage in other seasons.”


And in case you’re not counting down the days, the camels are keeping tabs – there’s 21 more sleeps!

Wrap up warm and come and see us – and then have the return visit on us!