A reel-y kind donation!

DZG’s animals will reel-y benefit from a donation of fire hoses from a generous Oldbury company.


Fire Protection Recycling Limited kindly donated more than two-dozen recycled fire reels, which DZG keepers will transform into hammocks and climbing frame extras for the spider monkeys, chimps and big cats. 

dzg_hose_reel11Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, pictured above picking up the hose reels, said: “We would like to thank Fire Protection Recycling Limited for their donation.

“Not only can keepers use some of the hose reels to help clean out the sea lion and tapir pools each week, but they’ll also be put to other uses by keepers who will transform them into enrichment activities for many of our animals across the site.”

Fire Protection Recycling Limited Director, Tony McLaughlin, said: “We were delighted when DZG said they could use the hoses as all the staff here love animals, so the donation was a pleasure.”