A pink streak!

There was a streak of pink in Flamingo Falls yesterday morning as our leggy birds made a dash outside.

The Chilean birds have been kept in their indoor quarters since December due to vital precautions to protect our birds from the recent outbreak of avian flu in Europe.

Birds Section Leader, Nicola Wright, said: “We’ve been monitoring the situation carefully over the last few months and made the decision to let the flamingos out this week.

“They all dashed outside together and spent most of the day preening themselves.

“Although they’ve had access to a pool indoors for the last few weeks, they all seemed to enjoy submerging in the deep outdoor pool and spent most of the day cleaning themselves off.

“This is a natural behaviour that they’d do to make themselves look good ahead of breeding season in the spring.

“It was lovely to see them out and about again, but we’ll be continuing to assess the avian flu situation and may have to take them back indoors again if the need arises.”

Flamingo Falls received an £120,000 upgrade last year, which included a bigger den with a new internal pool, which has allowed visitors to see our birds over the last few weeks while they’ve been inside.

In the wake of the avian flu outbreak, we also reopened Lorikeet Lookout last week, allowing visitors to once again enter the walkthrough exhibit and feed our cheeky birds.

See the flamingos in the pool in the video below…