A milestone encounter!

There was only one way zoo member Rita Nicholls could mark her tenth year adopting Bornean orangutan, Jorong – by arranging a meet and greet with her favourite boy.

And Rita always tries to visit our alpha male, who turned 25 last week, around his birthday.

Rita, from Willenhall, said: “Jorong is such a character and if you’ve got the time to stand and watch him he gives you so much.

“I love everything about orangutans anyway, but there’s something special about Jorong and ten years-ago he wasn’t the obvious orangutan to pick. I don’t think he had many adopters at that time, but I was very taken by him and I still am.”

During the half-hour close encounter, which she’s done on previous occasions, Rita once again met all four of our orangs and still loved every second!

She added: “Despite Jorong not coming down to see me, it’s wonderful to be able to get so close to these animals and hear from the keepers.”

Thanks for your support Rita!

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