A flying visit!

Bird lovers should wing their way to DZG this Bank Holiday Monday to get close to our collection of hawks, owls and falcons.

For the second year, we’re hosting Raptor Day on Monday August 27 when visitors can find out more about our birds of prey and see them in action during our lunchtime flying demonstration.

And there’s chance for visitors to try a grip tester and compare their strength against the power of a bird’s talons.

Birds, including Harris hawks, a Northern white-faced owl, a red-footed falcon and a barn owl, will be tethered on the lawn near Harry Hatch’s cottage and keepers will be on hand to answer questions.

After the midday display in the 11th century castle courtyard, the bird section is taking over the Go Wild! Show at 2.15pm to give visitors more information about our bird of prey collection and raise awareness of the plight of owls and kestrels in the wild.

British species, such as the barn owl and kestrel, have seen a dramatic reduction in their numbers over recent years especially during winter months when cold, wet weather prevents them from nesting and hunting and many die of starvation.

Head of Birds, Nicola Wright, said: “Following on from the success of our first ever Raptor Day last year we are holding another event to raise funds and awareness for avian conservation.

“Last year’s event raised more than £800 to provide bird boxes for our native owls and kestrels and this year we plan to pass on any donations to a bird conservation charity.

“It should be extremely popular with visitors and will give them chance to get close to birds they would only otherwise see at our flying displays.”

Hope you can fly by on Monday!