A class day out!

Bristolian primary school teacher, Stacey Richards, can’t wait for show and tell when she returns to work in September, as she can tell her class all about her DZG Keeper for a Day!


The 25-year-old participated in the close encounter experience, working alongside staff to care for some of the world’s rarest animals and had one of the best days of her life!

Stacey, said: “The whole day was absolutely amazing from start to finish.

“My boyfriend surprised me with the gift out of the blue one day, as he knows how much I love animals and we travelled up for the weekend.

“I thought I knew quite a lot about animals to begin with, but after meeting the keepers I quickly realised I didn’t know the half of it.”

During her action-packed day, Stacey worked with giraffes, tapirs, tigers, lemurs, chimps and birds of prey.

Stacey added: “Getting the opportunity to feed the giraffes and see baby Kito was brilliant. I’ve loved giraffes since I was a little girl, as I loved to look up at them, so getting the chance to get so close to them was fantastic.

“But another highlight was learning so much from the keepers. They were all so passionate about what they did and genuinely cared for all their animals.

“It was amazing how they all seemed to go out of their way to do things for the animals, telling me how they bring things in from home and make enrichment toys for them. Meeting them all made the day even better.”

Stacey took lots of photographs during her DZG day and now can’t wait to return to school in a few weeks time and tell her class all about her animal encounters.

She added: “I teach Year Three children, aged seven and eight and I told them what I was going to do in my holidays before we broke up so I can’t wait to go back in and show them all the pictures and tell them about all the different animals I saw.”