A birthday trio!

Three of our youngest animals are celebrating birthdays today!

Not only is our handsome giraffe, Kito turning three, but our gorgeous African Pygmy goat girls, Daffy and Dilly, are marking their first special day too!

Trainee Keeper Amy Paddock, treated the twins to a kid friendly carrot cake, with apple, goat mix, carrot and a few slices of bread, which they shared with mum, Irma, pictured above while Trainee Keeper Josh Luxton made up an enrichment parcel for the 11ft birthday boy.

Amy, pictured left, said: “The girls are so friendly and enjoy meeting visitors in the paddock every day. They’ve really grown in confidence over the last 12 months and we can’t believe they’re one already.”

Over at the giraffe paddock, Josh cut circular holes into an empty water cooler bottle, before adding some of Kito’s favourite fruit and veg treats, including apple, cabbage and carrots.

Josh, pictured top, said: “Kito loves this type of enrichment, which we hang over the fences or winch high into the air.

“The giraffes then have to work at getting the treats out by sticking their tongues through the holes and pulling out the goodies.

“The food only last minutes once they get the hand of it and winching it up also makes it slightly harder as it swings about.”

Learn more about our giraffes in the daily 12.45pm talk at their enclosure, while you can meet Daffy and Dilly in the farm’s contact paddock between 12 – 12.45pm and 2.15pm – 3.30pm every day.