A birth to remember!

We’re welcoming a very special birthday visitor on site today, 12 months to the day since she began her entrance into the world here at Dudley Zoological Gardens!

It was August, 18 2015 and Lisa Price-Patel, from Wednesbury, who was 38 weeks pregnant at the time, was enjoying a sunny day out at the zoo with her six-year-old daughter, Jacie Patel (pictured right, on the day) and husband Rajesh.

The family began their ascent up the zoo hill, passing the flamingos, spider monkeys and baboons but as they reached the owl aviaries, Lisa suddenly felt a trickle down her leg.

They continued on to see the tigers and snow leopards, when all of a sudden Lisa’s waters broke!

Mum-of-five, Lisa, aged 39, said: “I had no pain and no indication until there was a gush when we reached the top.

“I think it must have been the walk up the zoo hill that did it, but I’ve always had quick labours, so all I could think about was that I was going to give birth on the zoo.”

The family slowly made their way back down to the entrance and DZG staff organised a chair for Lisa as Rajesh ran to fetch the car.

They left the zoo site around 1.30pm, heading straight to Walsall Manor Hospital, where little Ciana Lucia Patel arrived at 3.22pm.


And to mark Ciana’s first birthday today, the family are returning to complete their zoo day out on us!

Lisa added: “After all the excitement, stress and worry on this day last year, nothing seems more perfect than to return on her birthday and show Ciana where she began arriving and to finish off our zoo visit ourselves 12 months later!”

Zoo Manager Matt Lewis, said: “We remember Lisa’s waters breaking well and can’t believe it’s been a year already.

“It’s our pleasure to welcome the family back on site and hopefully they enjoy an incident free visit.”

Happy 1st Birthday, Ciana from everyone at DZG!