A 2022 baby boom!

There has been something of a baby boom at Dudley Zoo and Castle (DZC) this year, with many of the new arrivals being firsts in the zoo’s 85-year history.


Recent births over the last few weeks have included two critically endangered Bornean orangutan boys and a baby binturong.

Detailed matchmaking goes into pairing animals in zoo collections across the globe, with recommendations made by the species’ studbook holder, who looks at factors including ages and bloodline in a bid to safeguard a genetically healthy captive population.

The Midlands conservation charity is currently proudly involved with more than 60 breeding programmes with various animal species.

New arrivals include:




The zoo’s most recent birth and a first in zoo history, with mum, Coconut, giving birth to her and Elliot’s first offspring, which is so new keepers have yet to sex or name it!

Both mum and baby are doing really well!

Bornean orangutans

Matriarch Jazz gave birth to little Jim in June, while her daughter, Sprout, gave birth to Joe less than a month later.

Unfortunately, the 11-year-old found first-time motherhood a little tough, with mum coming to her rescue to take on responsibility for her grandson.

And Jazz is doing a tremendous job at raising both boys.

Bennett’s wallaby

Rupert the joey was around seven months-old when he ventured out of mum, Betty’s pouch, at the start of summer in the wallaby walkthrough paddock.

Female wallabies give birth after a 30-day gestation to a baby which isn’t fully formed. The baby then crawls straight up and into the mother’s pouch and continues to develop until it’s ready to hop on out!

Red-tailed green rat snake

Another first for DZC, two red-tailed green rat snakes hatched, with keepers naming the pair, Noodle and Ramen.

Bactrian camels 

Just prior to the Platinum Jubilee DZC welcomed two baby female camels, naming them Jubilee and Queenie!

Black swans 

A pair of cygnets, born around Easter are the first black swan babies the zoo has had on site for more than 30 years.

Naked mole rats

Another first for DZC were the birth of five naked mole rat pups. Even before they’d opened their eyes, they’d already developed their recognisable front teeth and started eating solid foods!


Dad Kenny, who only arrived at DZC last year certainly made an impression on the herd’s girls, as babies Genie, Winnie and Gus arrived – they’re looking forward to their first Christmas duties this year!

Linne’s Two-toed sloth 

News of the zoo’s first ever baby sloth made headlines around the world. Baby Button is making tremendous progress and Flo and Reggie are great parents!

Giant anteater

Kicking off the baby boom at the very start of the year, DZC welcomed baby Gizmo!

Keepers recently discovered Gizmo is a girl but she certainly doesn’t look very baby-like anymore! She’s now been fitted with her very own microchip and officially added to the Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) – a global database of zoo animal health and well-being.

Colourful ‘Zoo baby here!’ signs are located around the zoo site so visitors can easily find the new arrivals around the 40-acres.