5 days to go. . .

There’s five days to go until Christmas and even DZG’s animals have sprouts on the menu at this time of year!


Keepers are adding the seasonal treat into many of species’ five-a-day diet including the orang utans, gibbons, lemurs, tapirs, chimps, peccaries and even some of the reptiles.

DZG’s storemen always source the freshest fruit and vegetable for the animals, which is why we always buy seasonal stock, from as locally as possible.

Every day on average, 22kg cabbage, 24kg carrots, six cauliflower, 4kg onions, 12kg potatoes, six cucumbers, 25 lettuce and 1kg swede gets distributed around the site for the zoo’s vegetarian species.

That’s all in addition to 3kg of oranges, 15kg bananas, 3kg pears and 5kg tomatoes, as well as the odd festive parsnip and sprout, which are aportioned and delivered to section kitchens across the 40-acre site every day of the year!