4 days to go. . .


Blue and gold macaw, Charlie, can’t get enough of the festive tunes at this time of year!

The 24-year-old Discovery Centre parrot, loves bopping along to the Christmas songs on her radio – with her particular favourites at the moment including Merry Christmas Everybody and Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.

And she’s already received some early Christmas gifts, even though there’s still four days left until the big day as Presenter Pam Midwood arrived at work with some special parrot goodies this morning. 

Pam said: “Parrots love destroying things, their beaks are very powerful and this new Christmas toy is something that she can chew on as part of her enrichment. 

“It also gets her thinking and gets her to become more active, although I will expect the toy to be destroyed in a few hours time!”

Hear Pam explain more about enrichment for Charlie and see her Christmas present in the video below…