23 days to go . . .

Today’s the day when Father Christmas arrives in his grotto and DZG’s reindeer herd are all ready and waiting to greet him.


Santa will be giving away presents to hundreds of visitors to his Winter Wonderland Christmas Castle grotto until Christmas Eve when our reindeer will be needed for the all important task of pulling his sleigh.

To make sure he knows exactly where to find them on the big night, keepers have decorated the outside of the reindeer den with tinsel and colourful fairy lights.

So remember to stop by and say hello to the herd if you’re on site and if you’re visiting the grotto, follow the signs out of the castle courtyard to find the paddock adjacent to the zoo’s vintage chairlift.


You can also find out more about our 14-strong herd by checking out the reindeer family tree on the display board in the Discovery Centre.

And while you’re there, why not colour in a reindeer bauble to hang on the Christmas tree?