22 more sleeps!

Our loveable meerkats have been using their heads as the weather turns cooler – by heading for the heat lamp.


ABOVE – The heat is on… A pair of meerkats keep warm. Thanks Karen Edwards for the hot shot!

Members of the meerkat family have been making a beeline for the heat lamp in the outdoor enclosure or deciding to keep warm inside their luxurious Meerkat Manor.

The indoor enclosure, which has heating and heat lamps, was built on to the side of the Reptile House last summer, thanks to a mystery £1,000 donation.

The money arrived as a cheque addressed to Alexander, one of the meerkats, early last year.

Section Leader Jay Haywood said: “As the weather turns cooler the meerkats are spending more time under the heat lamp or choosing to stay inside.

“They come out at feeding time but many of them are keeping warm inside where visitors can use the viewing window to watch their mischievous antics whatever the weather.”


The popular meerkats are also helping us with our Christmas countdown – 22 more sleeps to go!