21 penguins on their way!

To celebrate our 75th anniversary and the launch of Penguin Bay next weekend, we’re taking delivery of 21 bright birds!

pen-arrived-webThe fibreglass Dudley penguins will be painted in a rainbow of shades and will feature around the site – plus a whole load of surprise venues near YOU in coming weeks!

DZG Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said: “They’re fab models and really make everyone smile when they see them.

“We’ve named them all Dudley and have 21 in honour of Pingu, our oldest Humboldt penguin who celebrated his 21st birthday last week, and they will be placed around the Zoological Gardens in a special Penguin Trail.

“The 21 Dudleys will also be taking part in a whole series of adventures at schools, shopping centres and may even be going on holiday, we’ll just have to see where they turn up!

“We hope to have a lot of fun finding out ‘Where’s Dudley’ throughout our anniversary year.”


CAPTIONS: Good to go: the first of our fibreglass penguins gets set to travel.

Meet the Dudleys: Team Leader Birds, Kellie Piper, with three of 21 fibreglass penguins moving on site this week to celebrate our 75th anniversary and the launch of Penguin Bay.