Each week during the summer school holidays, we’ll be hosting a different celebratory day with focused games, fundraising activities and information stands. These events will not only shine the spotlight on some of our fantastic animal ambassadors here at DZC, but also raise awareness about some of the vital conservation programmes around the globe which we support.

Come and discover more about Bactrian camels in the wild and our family of domestic Bactrians here at DZC, as well as the work being undertaken by the Wild Camel Protection Foundation

Learn more about our Sumatran tigers, Joao and Daseep, as well as their cousins in the wild. Plus, hear about the fantastic work of Wildcats Conservation Alliance.

Join us in Lemur Wood as we explore the rich biodiversity of Madagascar and highlight some of beautiful and bizarre species found on the island, as well as sharing the work of AEECL.

We’ll be shining a spotlight on those reptiles who slither and slide. Discover fascinating facts about the species, which is seen as one of the most feared on the planet.

We will be celebrating with an on-site BioBlitz, where we will be attempting to survey as much native wildlife around the zoo as possible and we will be recruiting enthusiastic visitors to help us out!

Find out where this incredibly intelligent species is found around the world and how they’re a crucial part of healthy ecosystems, while learning more about the wonderful work of the World Parrot Trust.

Investigate the incredible world of invertebrates, when the likes of spiders, cockroaches, stick insects and more will be on display in the farm barn, alongside a range of fun activities!

Join us for belated 2nd birthday celebrations for Jim and Joe and learn how we can do our bit to help save their wild cousins. Plus, discover more about Sintang Orangutan Center in Indonesia.

Discover more about chimpanzees and the conservation work of Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, which includes our pen pal project with local schools.