11 days to go. . .

11_penguins_2When it came to decorating the Penguin Bay boxes in readiness for Christmas – in 11 days time – keepers had to trim one around a determined Humboldt penguin, who is still sitting on a rock!

The penguin is currently practicing for parenthood by taking it in turns with his partner to incubate a stone, just like they would a real egg.

Elsewhere in the bay it’s been a great year for actual births with eight new chicks boosting Santa’s gift list – and this year keepers haven’t had to intervene and hand rear any babies either.

Senior Bird Keeper, Ben Vanes, said: “We’re delighted with how everything has happened naturally in the bay this year. Not only have the penguins set up home on the beach side of the enclosure for the first time since we launched the exhibit in 2012, but we’ve also welcomed eight new chicks this year who are all being successfully reared by their parents, which is great news for us and them.”

Penguin Bay is one of DZG’s most popular features, offering visitors to get close to the birds on the beach and in the pool.